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Super Powered Solstice!

Peace and Blessings Wildflowers!

Many of us are still gathering (what's left of) our edges that this most recent eclipse season has snatched! Soon as we think we've got our wigs on straight, here comes the Great Conjunction Super Powered Solstice ushering us into the Age Of Aquarius!

Let's break it down. The word conjunction is defined as: "the action of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space. The Great Conjunction is happening between Jupiter & Saturn where they will both be visible in the night sky, appearing so close together that they'll seem to be touching. What's so special about this is, it takes Jupiter approximately 12 years to complete a single orbit around the sun. Saturn takes 30! Only once every 20 years or so will us mere mortals be blessed to witness these planets make their show stopping debut. This Jupiter/ Saturn Conjunction is all taking place in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign all about change & growth, innovation, humanitarian efforts & community focused building. Adding to the magic, it all goes down on what Black Twitter has dubbed, the Negro Solstice where Black people will level up and become real life Xmen!

Also known as The Longest Night, the winter solstice occurs every year marking the official start of winter. December 21 is the shortest (and darkest) day of the year as the Earth is tilted farthest away from the Sun. Energetically, this time is the universe wiping the slate clean. The trees are bare, most of the animals appear hidden from sight, having all gone to take cover; and depending where you are in the northern hemisphere, there may even be snow! Serving as a literal white-out of all the dirty residue from 2020. Aside from this years sky show, what would you typically do on the shortest, darkest, (sometimes coldest) day of the year? (While still in the midst of a pandemic?!)

Here are my top 5:


Both your space, and your physical/energetic bodies. This a great time to dust, sweep, & smudge your home (don't forget to open those windows!), getting rid of any end of year clutter that's been accumulating. Once your home is clean, treat yourself to a spiritually cleansing bath! Add your favorite bath salts, essential oils, and water safe crystals to cleanse and elevate your vibration. You are literally creating space for new blessings to enter your life.


The Winter Solstice is the mark of the current year coming to a close. Use this time to reflect on what went right, and what went totally left, so you can become clear and intentional about your goals and aspirations for 2021.


When the world gets still, its a huge hint for us to do the same. If the events of the current year, in addition to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has distracted you from your spiritual practice, this is the perfect time to reconnect! If you don't have a spiritual practice or ritual, this is the time to establish one that speaks to you. Prayer is talking to who/what you believe to be your Higher Power. Chat it up! Share those secrets, those disappointments & regrets. Ask for insight, acceptance, and (if need be) forgiveness. Once you've gotten it all off your chest, meditation is you creating the space to sit back and listen. This can be done in the traditional sense, sitting criss cross apple sauce, eyes closed, deep breathing in silence, or maybe a walking meditation, out in nature; a guided meditation; arts & crafts, or maybe you turn on some Afro Beat and just DANCE! Whatever puts you in a space of peace, receptivity, & deep gratitude to receive your divine guidance & insight.


Fasting from certain food items, from social media, television, etc for a minimum of 24hrs can serve as a really nice body/soul cleansing. In these days and times, many of us tend to overlook the fact that our bodies are sacred temples, especially when deciding what to consume! Food often serves more of an emotional fix, with tv/media serving as an addictive distraction. Setting the intention to fast from a specific thing that you know you may have been overindulging in will build your spiritual muscle, purify your mind, help you better control your passions, and will help you balance out your emotions. The solstice is all about offering up a clean slate. What better time to enhance the spiritual connection we have to our physical bodies by detoxing from the toxins of everyday life. Without the toxins we put in our bodies, we not only give our bodies a break from the digestive process, but we also allow our spirits to be detoxed.