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My Favorite Time of Year...Taurus Season


For those that don't know, my sun sign is Taurus! I recently celebrated my solar return on 4/24 at my favorite place...the beach! The combination of sea water & sunshine has always been the remedy for all the strife this life can bring. Its also the perfect spot for me to express my deep gratitude for having survived, and being gifted another rotation.

The Second New Moon this month brings with it the first of several eclipses we will experience this year. April's solar eclipse takes place in the midst of Taurus season, (according to western astrology). Taurus is all about feeling grounded, connecting to earth's energy and enjoying the comfort of luxury, abundance, self indulgence, and all things beautiful.

The energy that surrounds an eclipse tends to be pretty intense. Its a period of major shifts where people, habits, philosophies and situations transcend themselves either deeper into, or completely out of our lives. There is no middle ground when we are being challenged to ascend towards higher/greater/healthier/and ultimately happier versions of ourself.

So its only fitting that our tarot message comes from the 8 of Pentacles.

The suite if Pentacles represents the Earth element and the Earth signs of the zodiac-Capricorn, Virgo, & Taurus. With the focus being on money, career, security, and all the things in life that equates to having high value. The 8 symbolizes movement, a coming into your own after spending a significant amount of time as a student of your trade.

During this cosmic moon and eclipse, reflect on how you are the craftsman of your life. The more focus, dedication and consistency you apply in a particular area, the more growth, security, and mastery you will see. By utilizing the determination that Taurus is known for, you will finally be able to let go of the things, the places, and the people that are distracting you from reaching your personal level of excellence! This is not the time for lamenting over mistakes or allowing regrets to induce doubt, (or even worse…stagnation) learn from them to make you all the more sharper, stronger and wiser.

Embrace, Elevate, Evolve…

With Love,