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Sooo…it looks like I misspoke. In our last post, I said I would be back to discuss the full moon, but here we are in a new cycle of darkness, observing the New Moon. This energy of going within to manifest is really resonating with me on a personal level. So I'll commit to bringing you New Moon messages until I'm guided otherwise. I appreciate y'all for sticking with me as I reestablish my flow : )


The March New Moon brings us a message from the 2 of Swords. It's time to take a stand on how you want to define yourself for yourself. Fear is no longer an option or excuse for why you aren't living the life your soul craves for. If your physical eyes are closed to the reality of the situation then open your spiritual eye. Trust the vision that's coming up for you. Learn to see once and for all, the beauty of being perfectly imperfect, so that you can love this version of yourself, even as you are shifting, growing & evolving into another. When you find yourself at a crossroad in life, you must know that you possess all that you need to make your next move your best. Try not to overthink yourself into stagnation. The brightest light can only be seen in the darkest of night. As winter continues to shake off its chill in preparation for Spring, allow yourself to shed the coldness of confusion by walking in confidence, coming forward as the light that you are!

The Mantra for this card: "When blinded by the unknown, I can trust myself to move towards the light" The Light Seer's Tarot

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