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Peace & Blessings Wildflowers!

It's only right that this Lunar New Year/New Moon brings with it inspirations of faith, hope, and triumph! In western astrology, this new moon takes place in the airy sign of Aquarius-the pioneer, the water bearer, the one-of-a-kind revolutionary whose mantra is, "Freedom For One, Freedom For ALL!" This sign typically encourages us to look at the macro, vs the micro, to see just where we can impact the most positive collective change. The total darkness of this Black Moon serves as the perfect backdrop. It is the womb of the Earth. The time when seeds are planted, where dreams take begin to take form, which will later manifest into reality. It is only in the darkest of night that we are able to see the brightest light.

The Hermit card speaks of emerging from the depths of darkness and solitude as an “Ultra Light Beam”-confidently illuminating the path that brings you/us closer to freedom, closer to self, closer to… The Divine. The Hermit is the 9th card in the Major Figures arcana, and in numerology, the number nine signifies completion and the willingness to surrender to new beginnings. All the struggles, tests, disappointments and set backs you survived now serve as building blocks for all the wisdom, knowledge, and skill sets you possess. So, instead of being weighed down by the world's undulating emotions, try trusting yourself enough to lead one, (if not all who join you along your path) to higher ground. Believe in yourself enough to know that your light, even when it flickers, will never lead you wrong.

The Oracle message comes from the Earth Warriors, the ancients that embodied the combination of wisdom and strength from both The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine, to create a unified force against the evils that threaten all of society. This Earth Warrior goes by the name, Mama Quilla-Mandala of the Moon. This is her message:

“Relax with trust and positive expectations that all your needs will be met. This makes it easier for abundance to flow and all earthly and spiritual matters to fall into place, according to a great and loving higher intelligence. Things are changing, even if you cannot see the physical evidence of this as yet. Trust that your actions are leading you into a better way of life. Rely on The Divine, and you shall see how all things come together according to a timing & higher order that suits you, in ways even better than you could have imagined by yourself.”

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