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HAPPY 2021!!

Peace & Blessings Wildflowers!,

There's no need to recap the circus that was 2020. Instead, stop what you are doing and take a deep breath...

As you exhale, whisper (or shout) a word of gratitude. You are here. You have made it. There is breathe in your body. You still have (most of) your right mind, lol. You are whole. You are deserving of this gift called life. That in and of itself is reason to celebrate.

Whether or not you acknowledge the new year as starting now, or in March during the Spring Equinox, the fact of the matter is, our calendars indicate the start of a new beginning. I know that resolutions may look and feel a bit different... That does not mean you should shortchange your personal goals! The gyms maybe closed, but as one of my favorite personal trainers Gianna of GBODY FITNESS says, "treat the body well, fuel the body properly, love the body completely!" You can still ace those health goals by being mindful of what's going on your plate! For meal prep assistance and virtual training specials visit,

Perhaps you want to learn how to incorporate more plant based meals into your family's eating habits? Meatless Monday is a real thing y'all! The lovely ladies of Black Girls With Green Thumbs shares monthly zoom cooking classes where they demo from start to finish how to prepare your own plant based version of some family favorites. Check them out at

Take your power back by being intentional about where and how you exert your energy. There are ample resources available for you to start working your manifestation plan to make 2021 one of your healthiest years yet, all while remaining safe!

This is also a great time to "check in" with a tarot reading. Relationships, career, even personal/spiritual growth, I use tarot as a tool to help me recognize what areas of my life need more of my focus and energy.

Appointments are available! I would love to support you in reclaiming your time and your personal power!

Our Tarot & Oracle Message this strong (1/03-1/09/2021) comes from The Herbcrafters Tarot by Latisha Guthrie & The Afro Tarot Deck by Jessi Jumanji:

The Page of Swords reminds us that we are still perfecting the craft of bringing forth ideas into actual manifestations. Presenting with an energy of boldness and energetic curiosity, how can you not be excited about what the future has instore? Ground yourself in your innate capacity of adaptability and resilience, and be clear in your communications. Your words have power and cast spells effortlessly! The Cattail brings us the following wisdom:" Clarity can be found in the mire. Cattail, often seen as invasive, creates a stronger ecosystem by cleaning and purifying an area, making it more habitable for life. Open yourself to new ways to pray. Ask for help from your community when you need it. Adjust your expectations, and challenge your current way of thinking. Trust Spirit to carry your visions towards a greater good."