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Blessings Wildflowers!

We have officially entered the holiday season of 2020 and what better way to start things off than a Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse & 20% OFF OF ALL PRODUCTS IN OUR BOTANICA STORE!

Art has always been a passion of mine. During the first half of my college adventures, I took a lot of Art history classes and spent several years as the Gallery Assistant at one of Philadelphia's most loved cultural centers, Vivant Art Collection! The images below are the work of artist Arit Emmanuela Etukudo.


This lunar eclipse ushers in a season of eclipses, where the only thing we can do is brace ourselves for a wild & unexpected ride! Eclipse's signify major life shifts (as if that hasn't been the theme of the past 8 months!), and the energy can be felt for weeks, if not months after the initial occurrence. The sun's placement has us in the season of Sagittarius, a fire sign known for their love of travel, freedom, idealism and impatience. The full moon is occurring in Gemini, an air sign known for their wit, intelligence, curiosity and indecisiveness. We also know that the Earth orbits around the Sun, while the Moon orbits around the Earth. In order for an eclipse to happen, the Moon must move into the Earth's shadow when all three major hitters, the Sun, Earth & the Moon are precisely aligned with Earth in the center. To add even more magic to this astrological phenomenon, it can only happen when the moon is in its full phase. (Talk about divine timing!).

So what does tonight's lunar eclipse have in store for us? Carl Jung said, " One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." Living the "Good Vibes Only/ Love & Light Life" will only keep us repeating cycles of repression & depression! This is an opportunity for us to release deep-seated wounds, move beyond our fears and break free from the patterns that hold us back. Gemini represents the consummate communicator. Pay attention to patterns of negative speech (to and about self, and others), self deprecating thoughts, and hypercritical scripting! Our words, both written and spoken cast the spell that becomes the manifestation of our reality . Its evident that this holiday season will be totally different than any we've yet to experience, but that doesn't mean we have to let it be defined by our current limitations. Let us use this time to ECLIPSE all that holds back, so that we can tend to the necessary inner-work, illuminating ourselves from the inside-out for the evolution and upliftment of humanity as a whole!

"Light and shadow are opposite sides of the same coin. We can illuminate our paths or darken our way. It is a matter of choice".

Maya Angelou

Join me this Sunday for Manifest Yin, a Sunday service yoga session where we use mantra & meditation to awaken & align our bodies with internal light. Yin yoga is a series of deep floor asanas (postures) that are held for up to 2 minutes. It is during these meditative asanas that the manifestation magic happens!