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And We're Back!

As my Gran would say, its been a month of Sundays since we've last spoken and I'm sure there have been many adjustments you've dealt with. I pray there were more positive ones than negative, but we all know that the only constant in this life is change. Much like you, I have been adjusting and evolving in both my personal and professional life!

For those that are new here, greetings & welcome! My name is Ayesha and I'm so happy y'all decided to walk with me on this path of health & wellness! I am your Philly Jawn, Tarot Reading, Yoga Guide & Healing Arts Curator! I'm a Taurus sun, Sagittarius moon, wife, sister, auntie, mentor, & fur mama to my crazy cat Ta'Challa (ChaCha for short), and the creator & owner of Wildflower Wellness Botanica!

For those that have been rocking with me for sometime, (I appreciate you) you already know that this year, I fell off big time with keeping you up to date through my newsletter series The Wildflower Tea. As much as I would love to blame it on "The Rona", the truth is I'm still learning how to balance the demands of being a full time entrepreneur with the responsibilities of just everyday life! So here I am, attempting to get on the good foot to kick 2021 off to a great start! It goes without saying that 2020 in its entirety has been like one long binge fest of your favorite ratchet-reality TV show: there were parts we loved, parts we hated, there were comedic moments, fights, creative (& political) differences, marches, murder & mayhem! plot twists, cliffhangers, overdue goodbyes, and inspirational victories. Whew Chile! But Lets give thanks because we're still here! Still standing, still growing, still striving, still breathing...

While social media has served its role as a space for catching up with friends, its still only a highlight reel. If your anything like me, you desire a more intimate connection, a more personalized experience that feels safe enough for us to be our truest & at times most vulnerable selves. I got you Sis!

Wildflower Wellness Botanica has found a home in West Philly at the Sycamore Collective Healing Studio! I am offering small group yoga sessions, private one on one yoga sessions, reiki/energy healing, and in person tarot & spiritual readings!

Classes start the week of November 15th & I'm beyond excited to see you all in person again! There will be required temperature checks and hand washing prior to entering the space. In-person classes will be limited to 6 WILDFLOWERS ONLY for the health & safety of everyone. Those who aren't able to attend live will have a separate registration link to attend virtually (with no capacity restrictions:)).

Registration link will go out later on this week, so keep an eye out on your inbox! Until then, here is our oracle message for this strong 11/08-14:

Praise & validation feels amazing, especially when you know the works & efforts you have put forth is some of your very best! But YOU must always recognize your own worth, regardless of what others may or may not say/think about it. Reclaim your power! Don't give it away by waiting for others to applaud you! It is your self awareness, self reflection and self love that will ensure you manifest your fullest potential & achieve the true desires of your heart.