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4/4/22 Welcome to Aries Season!


Happy New Moon/New Season/New Year Wildflowers!

The past new moon was our first since the Spring Equinox, and in many indigenous belief systems, marked the official start of the new year. In western astrology, it coincides with the start of Aries season, the first sign of the zodiac. (12 signs, 12 months, hence the new year).

The message we received to kick off this new year, (& the Islamic holy month of Ramadan), comes from the 10 of Wands. We are entering a new season. Instead of making resolutions or placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves, let's use this fresh cycle as a time to purge! The same way we peel off & pack away the heavy layers of winter, what else have we been carrying & holding onto, (perhaps less tangible), that we can also pack…or better yet, just do away with?

It's ok to admit when certain beliefs and behaviors that used to work for us, no longer do. Spring is about growth, and evolution. Acknowledging when we have outgrown the what, (& sometimes the who) that was once a permanent staple in our lives is a scary yet necessary feat. In order to welcome in the newness we long for, we must remember that with every ending comes a new beginning.

As you begin to spend more time outdoors, be intentional about breathing in this fresh spring air. Breathe in the sunshine. Observe the first buds breaking open for this seasons grand reveal. Sit with it. Notice the innate sense of pleasure your spirit feels, and how you naturally crave more of it. Use the fire of this Aries season, along with this message and your personal meditation rituals as a reminder that the longer you juggle the weight of the past, allowing it to smother you, the more you prolong the beauty and pleasure of that fresh new start.

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