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The Return of the SUN!

The Season of Rebirth!

Ankh (Life), Udja (Prosperity), Seneb (Wellness) Wildflowers!

In our Northwestern hemisphere, March 30, 2019 marks the return of the Vernal Equinox. Also known as the Spring Equinox, it is the moment in time when the center of the Sun is in direct alignment with the Earth’s equator giving us approximately an even twelve hours of daylight, and twelve hours of darkness. (Bear with me, I’m pretty sure in another life I was some type of astronomer-planetary-goddess…)

On this day we say goodbye & good riddance to the bitter coldness of winter as we welcome with open arms the start of spring! Aries, Taurus, Gemini,

STAND TALL! While this is the season for celebrating the reemergence of life, those of us born during this season tend to make this observance all the more special. Warmer days, cool comfortable nights. Outdoor yoga, the return of weekly farmer’s markets. The sweet song of birds chirping and everywhere you look, nature is in full bloom! Can y’all tell I’m excited?! Ok... Deep Breath. Inhale.... Exhale.... (Smile)


My excitement is a reflection of all that is springing forth (see what I did there?)lol. Tonight is the full moon/super moon in Libra! The Super Moon encourages us to tune into & align with our intuition. The air sign of Libra is all about diplomacy & harmony. (Did I mention that the planet Mercury is still in retrograde?) So what in the world does all of this mean? I can only share my perspective, and what I know, which is this:

Retrogrades occur when the planet, (in this case Mercury ruler of communication & technology), appears to be “rotating backwards”. So I take this opportunity to slow down & go back over plans, intentions & earlier made resolutions. I review the message(s) learned from lessons previously taught. I re-evaluate my potential steps for moving forward. The term Spring Cleaning is real! Try going through your cabinets & closets, (both literally & metaphorically) to let go of whatever you no longer want or need. What aspects of your life could use a detox? There’s no better time than the present.

Journal. Meditate.

Allow the energy from the full moon to illuminate any darkness that you may have been avoiding. Listen to your heart & let it guide you to your sweet spot of harmonious balance.

Beautiful Awakenings Wildflowers!

Aways in All Ways, I give ThAnks.

With Love,

Meri Ptah