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Every Day is Akoma Day!

Ankh (Life), Udja (Prosperity), Seneb (Wellness) Wildflowers!

Welcome to our tribe of growth and wellness! This (re) launch has been a long time coming, and I’m excited to finally be here! This is my first of many monthly check-in’s where I share with you my insights on how to keep our personal garden of life blooming in its fullest most vibrant fashion!

It's not by chance that our first gathering is taking place during this month of all things LOVE! Not only is it a month celebrating love, it is also the month this country celebrates the history of Black Excellence! We all know that love comes in many forms, but the reason why it can be recognized no matter how it appears, (like the time your mother warned you about spending so much time with that, “aspiring musician” whose a father of 5 but living in his sister’s basement; or when your best friend advised you NOT to follow the trend of dying your hair “wicked witch green”while you were still job hunting, or your lover bringing you your favorite type of chocolate just to see you smile).

It’s because at its core, the essence of love never changes. Its sole purpose is to uplift whomever the lucky recipient may be in a vibration so strong, that they see and feel “the light”.

In honor of Black Excellence, I want to introduce you to the concept of Akoma Day. According to Nwasha & Montsho Edu in their book, Akoma Day: Guidebook into the Sacred Science of SoulMating, Akoma Day is a “seven day Black Love holiday which focuses on restoring “Black indigenous love as the primordial example of love personified for all humanity to model.” To learn more about this dynamic representation of love and black excellence, or to simply support & #buyblack, you can visit While the holiday was acknowledged from February 14-20th, this celebration of love through the ancient virtues of Maat (truth, justice, reciprocity, harmony, balance, & order), “is to be embodied throughout the year as a tool to attain the pinnacle of love in our intimate, personal, and professional relationships.”

To celebrate yourself and add to your own ritual of self love, the Wildflower Wellness & Beauty Botanica is spotlighting our Herbal Beauty Bath Soaks! The spiritually healing properties of all natural herbs and essential oils help to cleanse your aura of negative energies. These handmade baths soaks will leave you with an empowered spirit of peace & harmony.

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Tag us at #wildflowerwellness and show us how you are choosinto celebrate love! Always in All Ways, I give ThAnksC