Create the most optimal vibes for mind and body with your own personal tea rital! Each of the tools in this kit have been cleansed, charged, and created with the intention of self love, and self empowerment.


Full size 8oz Zen Blend Loose Leaf Herbal Tea- calming lavender perfectly paired with the cool clarity that Tulsi offers will have you sipping your way to sweet serenity. 


Heart Shaped Herbal Tea Strainer to stir and strain your loose leaf tea. 


Sweet and Palo Santo Stick, traditionally known as "holy wood", has a sultry sweet and uplifting fragrance when burned to help cleanse both your physical and personal space, setting the tone for meditation, relaxation, or any creative moment of self care.


The petite crystal infused altar candle in Frankincense & Myrrh scent to add light and the energy of peace & healing to your space.