Clear blockages, elevate your spirit, and reclaim your personal power! Each of the tools in this kit have been cleansed, charged, and created with the intention of self love, and self empowerment.


Divine Soul Energy Spray, is an allpurpose energy cleanser spray. Can be used throughtout the home, linens, workspace, & externally around the  body to assist in clearing negativity, and grounding you in the present. 


The petite crystal infused altar candle in Frankincense & Myrrh scent to add light and the energy of peace to your space.


A 4inch  selenite crystal wand. Selenite wands are believed to be a powerful healing stone that offers protection and improves well-being by cleansing unwanted energies from your personal aura &  surroundings.


1/2 oz  of Sacred Heart Loose Leaf Herbal Tea to soothe your nerves, and open your heart with this blend of citrus and rose.