Milk & Honey Spiritual Bath Tea

Milk & Honey Spiritual Bath Tea


A spiritual bath is your personal ritual of using powerfully blessed & charged herbs, oils & minerals to cleanse, revitalize, heal, protect &/or shift your aura.

Made during this fiery Leo season, charged with rose quartz under this powerful Full Moon in Aquarius, this bath is loving, grounding, healing, soothing &restorative. With herbs of marigold, chamomile, dandelion, & rose touched with the sweetness of honey & coconut milk.

The magic is all contained in a sealed extra large bath tea bag ready to toss into your tub of hot water without the added stress of a messy cleanup. 

Come to this bath already physically cleansed (shower with soap & water first), as the tub is filling, add the tea bag & speak your prayers & intentions over the water. As you soak, meditate & hold the vision you have for your life in your minds eye. Speak your gratitude out loud for the blessings and grace you are manifesting.