Yoga Bouquet


Spring & Summer Schedule

Join us twice per week for your dose of meditation in motion as we stretch, breathe, build and renew ourselves mind, body, and soul to a place of wellness...Wildflower Wellness! Both classes are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.

Kemetic Yoga

Tuesday: 7-8PM 

$10 CLASS 


Join movement with breath as you are lead through a series of postures that stimulate the life force energy, while cultivating a deep sense of inner-peace, as we explore the primary principles & poses of Kemetic Yoga based on Ancient Egyptian mythology and history. 

Manifest Yin

Thursday: 7-8:15PM


In this 75 minute soul session, we use affirmations and meditation set to candlelight as we practice moving sweetly & honey.

Yin Yoga is a delicious combination of floor poses that are held  up to 2 minutes. Perfect for everyone as it increases flexibility, improves circulation in the joints, and cultivates an inner peace that comes from honoring ourselves with compassion, and self love. The stillness of each pose creates the space needed for the body to relax, and for the mind and heart to heal.