Meet the Creatrix of Wildflower Wellness

Ayesha (Meri Ptah)

Ayesha (Meri Ptah), is a Sacred Woman Practitioner & Wellness Coach, Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, Basu and Certified Yoga teacher.


As the owner of Wildflower Wellness LLC., she has been cultivating her gifts as a healing arts practitioner since 2011. She develops her craft by remaining a student at heart, adding layers to her therapeutic offerings through study and practice with pioneers in the world of Afrikan centered holistic healing such as, Queen Afua, Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, Sehu Khepra Ankh, and many others. 

While completing intense studies, along with an in-depth training in Ancient African Spiritual Healing, Ayesha was ordained the name "Meri Ptah" by her spiritual preceptor. The meaning of her Kemetic name is, "heart of Ptah/heart of the healer". This new title confirmed that Ayesha was indeed living her soul's purpose of being an advocate for holistic health, and natural healing. 

Wildflower Wellness LLC. is her platform to provide the community with the essentials needed to  encourage, elevate & evolve.