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Our Mission


Wildflower Wellness Botanica is here to assist you in achieving personal growth, optimal health, and clarity of mind through holistic remedies and spiritual practices. We are dedicated to assisting you along your personal life path with tools for natural healing. Whether its coming together for our latest yoga series, balancing your life with an intuitive tarot reading, or having a wellness consultation to better guide you on which of our custom herbal remedies will best suit your needs, our aim is to empower you as you reconnect with your most divine self! As an advocate for the rediscovery of ancient wisdom and healing practices, all that enter this space will become inspired to: EMBRACE (your greatest power and potential),

ELEVATE (the frequency of your vibration: mind, body, and soul), & EVOLVE (by aligning with the highest form of healing there is...LOVE).

Our Services

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Crystal Sound Bowl Meditations

Pre & Postnatal Womb Care

Womb Steaming

Customized Herbal Remedies 

Spiritual & Wellness Products


Yoga (Private & Group Sessions)

RaSehki Energy Healing/Balancing 

No matter the condition, wildflowers have the ability to grow. Let us work together on healing all that stagnates you from coming into full bloom.


"I went to Kemetic Reiki and Yoga at Wildflower Wellness and it was an absolutely wonderful experience.  Everything was explained clearly, the vibe was positive and peaceful. I definitely felt an energy shift and a workout!  It was important to me to practice this ancient practice in a Kemetic flow and I was able to do that at Wildflower.  I will definitely be back!"

Atiyah H.

"I absolutely feel amazing today. That work you did was Phenomenal. OMG...!!!"

Daryl R.

"Thank you so much. It seemed like that oil made baths more enjoyable...I love it from the consistency to the aromatherapy. It's at great oil...

Dana P.

We absolutely love the soap!!! It smells up the whole upstairs when I shower! The smell wakes me up in the morning when I shower and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Elle @ The Jewelery Drop

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