Sacred Bath & Body Oil


Relax, Release, and ReAlign your energy centers with this all natural, crystal & cannabis infused botanical oil. Each crystal and botanical blend was chosen to assist in healing a specific chakra, keeping it open, clear and operating at the highest most optimal state. The added benefit of cannabis helps to dissolve stress, alleviate muscle aches and uplift your sacred spirit. Add a few drops to your tub to create a luxurious healing bath ritual. Massage from head to toe for an all over moisturizing, meditative self love ritual.
Each blend while being uniquely named after a historic African Queen, is charged with prayer, mantra, and healing energy to help you Reveal the Royalty Within!
Vegan, Non GMO, Ethically Sourced Skin Safe Herbs & Flowers, Plant Based Oils 5oz $25

Amina Crystal Infused Oil (Amethyst)
Makeda Crystal Infused Oil (Red Jasper)
Nandi Crystal Infused Oil (Rose Quartz)
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